Stephanie Ann Boyd | Composer
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O R C H E S T R A 

Tekton (2017) Cello + Orchestra
2222 4331 1percussion, cello, strings

Sybil (2010/2015) | Violin + Orchestra
2222 4331, 1 percussion, violin, strings

Ondine (2014) | Symphony Orchestra
3333 4331 strings

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Creature Overture (2014) | Chamber Orchestra
1111 1111 timpani, strings

House of Fountains (2014) | Symphony Orchestra
2222 223, 1 percussion, strings

Keel (2014) | Baritone + Chamber Orchestra
2222 223, 1 percussion, strings

S T R I N G   O R C H E S T R A 

Beltaine Fire Rites (2014)

A Kaleidoscoped Menagerie (2013) commissioned by the Cremona International Music Academy

Dark Sky Soliloquy (2012) commissioned by the JVL Summer Music Festival

Beyond the Gate (2011) commissioned by the JVL Summer Music Festival

I. The Mirror Pond
II. The Hosta Garden
III. And the Fountains, Aqua Blue

Eternal Golden Braid (2013) commissioned by the Peoples Music School of Chicago (for younger orchestras)

Summer Walker Dances (2014) commissioned by Gurrie Middle School (for younger orchestras)

C H A M B E R   M U S I C 

Amerigo (2015) | violin sonata | commissioned by the 50 State Sonata Project

Imogen (2015) | flute sonata | commissioned by Cincinnati Soundbox

Ancestry Variations (2014) piano trio | commissioned by the Meadowlark Trio

Out of the Dust (2013) string trio

Auctumnus (2013) clarinet trio, commissioned by the Jennifer Fischer Trio

Fantasia Olora (2008) cello + piano, written for David Burns

Among Darkened Peonies (2011) violin + piano, written for David Lakirovich

Terra Liberi (2014) pierrot + percussion, commissioned by Collage New Music


Fairy Movements solo piano, written for Lina Song