Hi! I’m Stephanie Ann Boyd. I’m a composer of chamber and orchestra music, and I teach private composition lessons via skype! I've been teaching privately for five years now and in the past six years I've brought composition programs to festivals and schools in three countries. Since 2012 I've helped over 100 composers between the ages of 11 and 33 write their first pieces. Students in my studio have been accepted to composition programs at great universities and music schools, and while in my studio they have written music for artists like Andrea Bocelli and the Denver Young Artists Orchestra. 

Lessons are either once or twice a week, and are fifty minutes long. Each week you’ll bring in the work you’ve done over the week and I'll critique it. This is where we discuss the hard and fast rules of composition, notation techniques, and other musical ideas. The rest of the lesson will be spent workshopping your piece and doing compositional exercises. If you’re serious about learning how to compose now, or in the future, keep reading. I'm charismatic, I believe in tough love, and I make lessons exciting and fun. 

Opportunities for Studio Students

  • As part of your lessons, your music gets performed in studio recitals twice a year; in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the summer and in New York City in the winter.
  • You will get to talk about your music and get to know your peers' music in optional studio classes several times a year. 
  • You will be given guidance in applying to music schools, summer festivals, submitting your work to competitions, and helping your music really get the chance to have a life of its own.

What Students Say

"I first met Stephanie at the JVL Summer Music Program in 2011 and since then she has provided me with tons of meaningful insight in composition - for example, she gave me great advice and assistance in preparing a portfolio that got me accepted into the composition program at the University of Toronto." 
- Chestan, University of Toronto, Canada

"After months without composition lessons and struggling with motivation after making a life changing move, I had the luck of meeting Stephanie at a benefit concert hosted by a mutual friend. A few days later, we met for a first lesson and I felt instantaneously that her guidance and help would help me in so many different ways. Since then I can say that the teaching she's provided has given me not only many gained skills in the realm of composition, but has also pushed me to feel inspired on many levels." - Yoav, Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor MI

$100 per hour lesson, billed monthly
Join my studio of international young composers! 
Send me an email: stephanie @ stephanieannboyd.com

Pictures shown:
1) Stephanie with composition class at a composition residency in Chicago.
2) Stephanie's violin concerto Sybil, premiered in 2015 by award-winning violinist Eunae Koh.
3) A new piece by composer Joshua Mastel.
4) Stephanie's House of Fountains, recorded by the New England Conservatory Orchestra conducted by Earl Lee, assistant conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. 
5) After a recording session with Carlock Records of Stephanie's violin and viola concertos. 
6) A student putting in fingerings for Stephanie's Beyond the Gate during a composition residency at Interlochen.