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Rama Chobhe

Rama Chobhe was the pioneer Suzuki violin teacher in India and the founder of the Suzuki School of Violin, Pune, started in July 2001. Rama was exposed to Hindustani classical violin playing at the early age of five. For ten years she studied under the renowned musician, Shri Shankarrao Kulkarni and was part of the very famous children’s orchestra, Warana Bal Vadya Vrunda. As part of the orchestra, Rama had the opportunity to perform in various cities across India from a very early age. Later, she completed her diploma in Hindustani Vocal from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Since 1994, Rama has been studying under the renowned violinist, Mrs. Vidya Dengle of the Delhi Gharana, in the guru-shishya tradition. In 2003, Rama was awarded a gold medal for her Masters degree in Music (Hindustani Classical Violin), from the Centre for Performing Arts, Pune University. Since 2003, Rama has been a visiting faculty member at the Centre for Performing Arts, Pune University.

As a mother of two young boys, Rama was in quest of a method to start violin training for them at an early age. That's when Dr. Ashok Da Ranade, the well-known scholar musician and ethnomusicologist, suggested the Suzuki method of teaching violin to very young children. Inspired by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and his unique philosphy, Rama began her journey into Western Classical violin playing through the Suzuki Method. Rama then underwent training under Mr. Richard Coff of the Suzuki Music Academy, Florida, USA, followed by a Teacher’s Training Course at the Suzuki Association of Americas in Colorado, where she had the opportunity to study under eminent teacher trainers such as Helen Brunner, Liz Arbus and Enid Cleary.

On her return to India, Rama started the Suzuki School of Violin, Pune in July 2001. Since the school’s inception, Rama has taught well over 150 young children to play the violin. Her students are playing at high levels of proficiency and have been selected to play in national and international orchestras.

To enhance her own learning and pedagogy, Rama makes it a point to attend Suzuki Method conferences all over the world and encourages her students to participate in such events. Rama invariably presents Hindustani Classical violin performances and lecture demonstrations to international audiences at these forums.