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Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson is an up and coming violinist currently working on his Bachelor of Music degree at Idaho State University, which will be completed May 2016. Robert currently serves as the concertmaster of the Idaho State University Chamber Orchestra, the Assistant Concertmaster of the Idaho State University Civic Symphony, and the first violinist of Quartet Consensio, who recently received top marks in a contest judged by the Dover String Quartet in Boise, Idaho. 

    Robert is passionate about both performing and teaching and works to bring quality musical education to rural and underserved communities in Idaho. He has been involved in multiple outreach programs and currently teaches several group classes for the Caribou Highland After School Strings Program, a nonprofit afterschool program which serves grade school to high school age students. Through his efforts, and with support from the community, his program was recently awarded a federal grant designed to help rural artistic programs. He is also a staff member for the Pocatello Youth Symphony where he runs sectionals for the violins. Along with his ensemble classes, Robert has devoted time to introducing students to composition and has helped his students to write and perform original music. Robert is a composer himself and has received three commissions to write strings parts for the Idaho State University Women's Choir.

    Robert has enjoyed performing and being recorded in various ensembles. His recordings have appeared on ISU Radio, most recently including a live recording of Paganini's Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento from his senior recital, which he delivered Spring Semester of 2015. He has also enjoyed performing his own music, including his suite for solo violin which was published in the creative journal Black Rock and Sageduring the Spring 2015 semester. Upon the completion of his Bachelor's degree, he plans to go on to earn masters and doctoral degrees with the intent of teaching college level musicians. When Robert isn't playing his violin or writing, he is usually either playing the viola or classical guitar, his secondary instruments. He also loves reading, cooking and dogs.