G U A T E M A L A 

Mariana Rodríguez

"Music is my passion in every heart's beat" (Mariana Rodríguez)

Enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate young violin player of Guatemala, Mariana was born in November 12th 1994. As a child, she always showed ease and liking to all types of art (music, dance, theater, and plastic arts), but it wasn't until she was eleven years old that she began her violin music studies formally at the National Music Conservatory. A pair of years later, the love for her country and culture made her decide to learn "Marimba", which is the National Music Instrument of Guatemala.

As a musician, she has outstanded in the violin performance, giving various recitals and concerts through her formation, with Professors Ivonne Reyna, Héctor Castro and Álvaro Reyes, among others. Now she is studying with Alfredo Quezada: Concertmaster of the National Symphony Orchestra of Guatemala. She is part of the OSJ (Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil) and the OFG (Orquesta Filarmónica de Guatemala) as principal of the first violin section.   In addition, she has received numerous Master Classes with prestigious musicians in the same National Music Conservatory and traveled around Central America with the OJM (Orquesta Juvenil Mesoamericana), OJCA (Orquesta Juvenil Centroamericana), and JOCCA (Joven Orquesta y Coro de Centroamérica) every year since 2010.

Her wish of service is infinite, she is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, and is the Choir Director, of their Choir, since its creation in june 2016.  

Mariana attends Universidad del Valle College, where she studies Music Degree and Teaching Faculty. Multifaceted, she also enjoys and loves teaching. In 2013, she decided to be a Suzuki Violin Teacher, receiving Suzuki Violin Book I Teaching Course at II Festival Internacional Suzuki in Guatemala in 2013,  Violin Book II at III Festival Internacional Suzuki in Costa Rica in 2014, Book 3 at the Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute Festival in USA on August, 2015, and Book 4 at the Internacional Suzuki Festival in Peru, last January in 2016.

Today, every day since 2013, she teaches violin to little children from 3 to 5 years old at the National Music Conservatory and on a private Studio called CEDEM Suzuki; where she also gives Early Musical Suzuki Stimulation to babies from 1 month old. She believes blindly in the Suzuki Method and Philosophy; which made her wish to establish the Suzuki Association of Guatemala, which she is founder and member of the Board of Directors.