E v a n   P e r e z 


18 year old Evan Perez hails from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He has been playing trombone and euphonium for 5 years, and has most recently performed with the top jazz and wind ensembles at Riverside City College in Riverside, CA. He was also a member of the John Philip Sousa Honor Band and is currently performing in the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps organization. Perez studies composition with Stephanie Ann Boyd and has worked under the direction of conductors such as Kevin Mayse, Charlie Richard, and James Rocillo. He has also participated in a masterclass with Eric Whitacre. Equally entranced by Claude Debussy, Leonard Bernstein, Pat Metheny, and Vince Guaraldi, Perez’s music is both theatrically driven and emotionally potent. Between A Nightmare and A Dream is his first piece and he is currently working on a new piece entitled The Phoenix. Film and music are his absolute passions. He consciously faces the world with a positive and eager attitude and hopes to share his joy for music with others with similar enthusiasm and verve.

Between a Nightmare and a Dream

Cello + Piano

In searching for a theme for my first composition, I was drawn to abstract ideas. I was also inspired by Stephanie’s Fantasia Olora. After accidently listening to Danny Elfman’s score for the Corpse Bride, I was intrigued and eagerly continued to peruse his other film scores. Though I didn’t want to write this piece about death because I didn’t want such a dark composition for my first piece, I chose instead to express two distinct yet often integrated elements from our imagination: nightmares and dreams.