C h r i s t o f   J o u b e r t 

Christof Joubert is a 13-year- old Form 1 student at Pretoria Boys High School, South Africa. At the age of five Christof starts piano lessons with Claudine van Breda. Ensemble Orff and recorder playing as well as choir singing soon also become favourite activities. Christof starts playing the cello at the age of six under tutelage of Dr Anzél Gerber. Since 2008 he has received numerous prizes as category winner at the Pretoria Eisteddfod. In 2011 he formed part of the UNISA Music Foundations Development Programme and received master classes from Dmitri Kouzof. During the 123 rd Young Artists’ Concerto Festival in 2013 Christof performs as soloist with the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra. Late in 2014 he becomes a cello student of Katia Sokolova and has since received masterclasses from Georgi Anichenko and Mattia Zappa. Christof completes several UNISA, ABRSM and Trinity College of Music exams with distinction for piano and cello. Since 2013 Christof has been a member of the UP4Strings orchestra at the University of Pretoria and in 2014 he joins the Simfonia Juventi Youth orchestra. In January 2016 he becomes a member of three music groups of his new High School: the orchestra, cello ensemble and string quartet. Christof has been composing his own music for several years and becomes a composition student of Stephanie Ann Boyd in September 2015. Apart from music Christof enjoys reading, baking and an occasional game of squash.

String Quartet in G Minor

In November last year, in one of my final lessons for the year, Stephanie told me about a wonderful opportunity where a String Quartet by me could be performed (not that I had one at that time). Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I started composing on a String Quartet, and within four days I had completed the first version (there turned out to be quite many) of the first movement. Just after completing it, I realised that I was not very fond of it, but could not figure out why. So I sent it to Stephanie and in the lesson for that week we went through the score and discussed it. It turned out that the reason I did not like it was because I used the same themes too many times. I worked on it again. Still I was dissatisfied, this time because the modulation to F sharp minor for the second theme (which is no longer in the Quartet) was too long. I worked on it again and miraculously, I ended up liking it. As a sign of gratitude, I dedicated the work: “To Stephanie Boyd, who encouraged me to compose this”.