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photo by Timothy Ellis, London

photo by Timothy Ellis, London

Francisco Coser

Born in 1992 in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Francisco began his violin studies at age 7 and soon became a protégé of Dr. Marcello Guerchfeld, one of the foremost violinists and pedagogues in Brazil. Francisco is an active soloist, chamber musician and orchestral player, having performed in important venues across Brazil, in the US, in the UK, Italy and China.

Francisco has had masterclasses with worldclass musicians such as, Maxim Vengerov, Tasmin Little, Miriam Fired, Shmuel Ashkenasi, Ilys Gringolts, James Ehnes among several others. He has worked closely with chamber music coaches from groups such as, Chilingirian String Quartet, Doric String Quartet, Brodsky String Quartet, Skampa String Quartet, Badke String Quartet, Vermeer String Quarte, Dussek Piano Trio, and Roger Chase among several others.

As a soloist, Francisco has performed with different orchestras in Southern Brazil, and had his solo debut in London, at the St James’s Piccadilly Church in June 2015. Upcoming performances include a solo with his hometown orchestra in September 2016. Francisco has won awards in Brazil, before leaving the country in 2010, and during his time at the Royal Academy of Music he has been 4th prize in the “David Martin/Florence Hooton Concerto prize for violin and cello” and 2nd prize in the “Winifred Small prize for Solo Violin”. And as a chamber musician he is a founder member of the Tavares-Coser Duo with pianist João Tavares Filho, which had its debut in Chicago in 2014 and ever since has had recitals in USA, Brazil and Italy. In addition to his violin-piano duo, Francisco often performs in different chamber formations, spanning from all string groups to mixed ensembles with piano and/or winds.

Francisco’s repertoire is extremely varied, having a special interest in music composed after the 1900s and often working with living composers, and very often Francisco includes music by Brazilian composers in his recitals, in order to help propagate Classical music from his native country. Francisco holds a Master’s degree, with Distinction, from the Royal Academy of Music in the class of professor Hu Kun and a Bachelor’s degree from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, in the class of professor Yang Liu.