Amare, an alto saxophone and piano sonata commissioned by Alan Theisen. It was inspired by Alan's childhood in Michigan and his love of 1930s American culture and artistic movements. Three movements, entitled "Mind", "Body", and "Spirit" showcase his virtuosity as a player and give focus to those three distinct categories of a human's feeling of self. Amare was recorded in August by Theisen and pianist Jennifer Reason, and premieres in North Carolina in January 2018. 

Alan Theisen has performed in the 2000 and 2003 World Saxophone Congresses. Recent national appearances as a classical saxophonist include performances at the 39th Festival of New American Music (Sacramento, CA); UMKC Conservatory; with Chamber Cartel (Atlanta); at the 2016 and 2017 U.S. Navy International Saxophone Symposia; the University of Oklahoma (Norman); as guest recitalist at the Wichita State University New Voices Festival; with the Pan Harmonia concert series (Asheville); and with the Asheville Symphony Orchestra. With Misty Theisen and Marc Ballard, he is a member of Fujin - a multi-instrumental new music chamber ensemble. He is founding member of the North-Carolina-based vintage jazz guitar/saxophone duo The Hot Twos. Theisen performs with the Asheville Jazz Orchestra, the Nouveau Passe Orchestra, the Gamble-Wilson Swing Orchestra, Rational Discourse (an Asheville-based progressive jazz-rock group), and has played reed books for the Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, Asheville Community Theatre, and Haywood Arts Regional Theatre. Theisen is associate professor of music at Mars Hill University where he coordinates the music theory/composition curriculum. Theisen is the founder and director of the Mars Hill New Music Festival (established 2012).